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Boat Detailing How to clean and protect your boats teak and GelCoat

Compounding (Oxidation Removal):.Gel-coat, the exterior finish on fiberglass boats, is a porous mix of polyester resins and pigments that must be sealed from the damaging effects of ultra-violet (UV) rays, salt, dirt and weather. Neglect it, and it becomes more porous due to the oxidation of the mixture resins and what remains is a faded, dull finish.Yearly compounding will keep your boat looking good for years. Periodic polishing with a fine compound will remove the oxidation.

Applying and maintaining a good coat of wax will prevent further deterioration. *If your boat is already dull and chalky you can restore it to its original luster by machine compounding, polishing, and waxing.Protecting your Gel-Coat with a coat of wax:.Waxing will remove oxidation and restores your boats paint or gel-coat finish to a glistening shine. A fresh coat of wax will protect your boat from U.V rays and keep salt, dirt and other environmental pollutants from penetrating and damaging your boats finish.

Cleaning and Restoring your Teak:.Teakwood is a unique wood due to the natural oils and waxes it contains. This is why it holds up so well in an outdoor environment.

When teak gets older it turns a gray color. This is from the oils and waxes in the wood drying out and the cellulose that is left behind reacting with oxygen in the air turns gray in color. You can restore your teak to its natural color by lightly scrubbing it with high grit sandpaper and special detergents such as ammonia and dish detergent.Protecting your teak:.

Nothing makes your boat look more beautiful then a brand new coat of varnish on your wood surfaces. A high quality varnish will greatly extend the longevity and beauty of the wood. Varnish will prevent the wood from absorbing moisture, environmental pollutants, and protect it from spills and dirt.

.Total Marine Management offers quality Maintenance, Management and Detailing services for your vessel on a scheduled or one time basis.

Our list of services is extensive, and if it has to do with the way your boat looks, operates, or maintained, we do it. If it has to do with maintenance or repair, we either do it or see to it's accomplishment by a trusted third party.

By: Sean Mahoney

Sports News

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