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Catch a Steal on Catchers Gloves

Catchers gloves can run you hundreds of dollars, so you want make sure you're investing your money wisely. Your new mitt should not only catch your eye and wow you with its rich leather. There are a bunch of other things you should take into consideration when you're picking out your glove. These include your size, the amount you plan to play, the level that you will play at, and, of course, your budget.For instance, if you're a hardcore player who can't think of being anywhere else on the diamond besides squatting behind home plate, then there's no doubt that you should invest in a solid catchers mitt.However, if you play in a rec league on the weekends, or on the company team every spring, you may want to reconsider, especially if you move around the infield.

In this case, a weekend warrior like yourself may consider buying a utility glove, which is larger than a typical infielder glove but not quite as large as an outfield or catchers mitt.Again, when it comes to price, the same basic rule applies. If you're only looking for catchers gloves to mess around with once in a while, you may consider a professional grade glove a bit pricy.

Then again, high end gloves from companies like Nokona and Rawlings are far more durable than a cheapie you can buy for $20. Sure, high quality baseball gloves cost more, but they will last longer, feel better, and work better.Once you figure out what make and model you want, head to the store.

You need to actually stick your hands in a glove to see if it truly is for you. You don't want an uncomfortable glove affecting how you play in a game. Part of the perfect feel for catchers gloves comes from your age and body size.

A "pattern size" determines how large a glove is.This measures from the glove's heel at your wrist to the glove's top on the palm side near your fingers. Youth gloves measure from 8 inches to a foot, while adults have a 12 to 13 inch range.

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Sports News

Catch a Steal on Catchers Gloves - Catchers gloves can run you hundreds of dollars, so you want make sure you?re investing your money wisely.

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