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Golf Ball Retrievers Buyers Guide

Golf ball retrievers are a great money saving accessory for any golf bag. They can not only be used to retrieve your golf ball from the water but also retrieve many other golf balls for your bag. They are the only golf accessory designed strictly for the retrieval of golf balls. The most common style of golf ball retrievers has a metal cup head and a telescoping pole that extends to 12 or 18 feet. Another popular style is called the Canadian or cup head, it usually consist of an orange round head.

But there are many styles of retriever heads, some can hold up to four or five balls at a time. Other head styles are the spring head, ring head, rake head, tear drop head and many more being developed everyday. The higher line retrievers can extend to 24' and retract to 43". They come with a one, two or four ball heads.

These retrievers are more for the golf ball fishers or used golf ball reseller as well as the golfer who wants a year supply of golf balls for himself. If you do purchase a 24' retriever make sure it has a larger thicker pool than an 18' or smaller size. The larger 24 is a long way and the thinner ones will bend or break. The standard golf ball retriever retracts to about the size of a golf club to fit in your bag.

If you do not want a retriever taking up club space or rattling on your golf clubs the compact retriever is for you. They can retract to as little as 18" yet have a 15' reach. Also they can be stored in your golf bag side pocket out of the way of your clubs. Golf ball retrievers can go for $15.

00 up to $50.00. As with most golf accessories the majority of golf ball retrievers are made in China. You can see the same basic retriever packaged in many different brand names. The better retrievers have locking twist grommets at each extension to lock the pool to any length. The cheaper ones will appear to have the same style twist grommets but they will not lock in place.

The best place to find the retriever that fits your needs and budget is online. Online you can get a larger selection then your local proshop or sporting goods store. The majority of retail stores mark up there accessories extremely high to make up for the slim profit margin on the golf clubs they sell.

Stores also dedicate more of there retail space to golf clubs than accessories. .

By: Michael Manzella

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