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Holographic Cliff Climbing Assistant

For those learning to be rock climbers, they know how tough it is and how challenging it can be. You have to be in excellent shape and much has to be learned the hard way through trial and error. There are many good books on rock climbing, but reading it in a book is a lot different than doing it.Many rock climbers buy instructional videos. These seem to work better than the books and also make a nice supplement to the workbooks, if one chooses to use both.

Once the potential rock climber becomes proficient in the book knowledge generally he or she will go out and get some rock climbing experience with a real rock climber.The rock-climbing instructor of course will talk them through occasionally the student rock climber will get nervous and upset or psychologically distraught. Obviously this situation can become dangerous and it therefore takes a really re-assuring instructor to keep everything under control, as fear of falling is highly an innate characteristic of human beings.I propose using the latest cutting edge Holographic Technologies in 3D and 4D full motion projection to assist in this. The student will have a small holographic projection device which has a pre-recorded expert rock climber on the exact same training rock climbing up and the student can rewind it play it over and over again as they match their movements against the holographic image and conquer their fears.

Think on this, as it is a very good application for this new holographic technology.

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Sports News

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