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Know Your Course Weather Conditions

Sunny weather can be very conducive for most sports enthusiasts. The scorching heat of the sun can even boost ones stamina to do better in any game. However, ever knew of any game that can be played even when there's a rainstorm? Surely, not many people can enumerate any sport that can be executed even when its raining hard. All sports, especially those played outdoors are affected by the changes in weather conditions. The first to be really impacted upon are the players who have to adjust physically, mentally, and emotionally -- factors which often dictate what could happen at the end of the game. Playing golf entails proper training in order to hit the tee perfectly under a gloomy climate.

Weather conditions, for example, since it affects the growth and texture of the grass, have a big impact on the leveled surface vital to a golfer's performance. This is usually called "throwing darts", it means that the ball and the shots are not high enough which results in lower points. Remember that the conditioning of the green can influence the game of the golfers and the golf course operation.

That is why the a change of strategy is helpful when playing golf during bad weather since golf is a game that is specifically dependent on the weather. When there is low humidity and dryer soil, the greens are maintained more easily. That is why golfers often play during fall or spring. The favorable and consistent sunny skies and growth of the turf allows a considerable and reliable time for golfers to hold their tees. The roughs can become heavier which makes it difficult for shots to recover when soaked in water.

Water ends up between the ball and the clubface because of the fewer spins than a normal spin. Bad consequences are then more inevitable after an off-line shot. This is when a good golf playing strategy during wet weather is needed for it will be more considerable to have the ball always elevated off the grass as fast as possible. During these situations, footprints and marks of the ball are deeper and the sad part is that scores tend to be lower.

When this happens, extra effort is needed for the player to end with better scores. Points to remember when playing in a wet weather condition: Make it a point to keep the grips and the hands dry during a rainy day. The caddy can bring one towel for grip drying and another one to dry hands. Ask someone to bring a cover for the golf bag.

This will be a good idea since it will keep the grips of the tee dry. A golfer will be comfortable and can sustain long hours of golf game if the equipment and he himself is dry. Just be patient and the scores will be higher even during the wet weather condition.

Strategize more, visualize the goal in mind prior to entering the game. This will prepare the player for any difficult situations he will need to face on wet and uneven fairways. Golfers need to have the balls to land as close as possible to holes to lessen the amount of rolls of the balls on wet grass. Balls will have to be hit harder to prevent breakage and to halt sooner. Even expert golfers can surmount the challenge of playing on soaked grass field at times when the weather does not permit any good sunlight to watch over them. Rule of thumb is that even if a golfer is faced with such a difficult task, he must keep in mind that his competitors are too.

When golfers are wet, the playtime is longer for the ball can't roll smoothly and far which is a plus for those who drive the tee off longer. Weather conditions might affect the environs of the game, but a skillful and prepared player won't have a hard time thinking of ways to ward off the weather's bad effects on one's game. Enough determination to play well and a little knowledge on how to outsmart the weather will make playing golf a cinch even when the day's weather is not that good. .

By: Edwin Shackleford

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