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Owens suspended indefinitely by Eagles
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NBA Basketball Betting Pistons Pacers Meet Again In Indiana

Best Game: Pistons @ Pacers: After finally getting Peja, Indiana loses O'Neal for 8 weeks. The Pacers will make the playoffs but they will have trouble getting a high seed with the luck they have had. Destiny isn't exactly on their side like it has been for Detroit. The Pistons are injury free and are on pace (regardless if it will happen or not) for 70 wins.

Stephen Jackson will get 30+ in the box score. Detroit should probably win today on the road.
Predicted Score: Detroit wins 92-88.

Runner-up Game: Bulls @ Suns: Two of the best passing teams face off. Chicago is interesting in that they have the potential to be either a defensive or offensive squad. Without Curry their inside presence is close to null.

But with Amare Stoudamire out they get a reprieve. This game will likely go over.
Predicted Score: Phoenix wins 110-103.

Blowout Game: Celtics @ Magic: For whatever reason, these two have been responsible for some ugly games lately.

Boston has done very well against the Magic in the post-Hardaway era. Whoever has the duty to guard Paul Pierce has to play phenomenal defense otherwise it's all over. Another predicted road blowout winner today as the Boston Celtics take it to these Orlando Magic.
Predicted Score: Boston wins 93-78.


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By: David Pincus

Sports News

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