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Snorkeling Masks

Snorkeling masks are used to allow the snorkeler to see underwater, at the same time keep water out of his eyes. The mask should be a good fit and should seal properly on the face to prevent leaks.Snorkeling masks are made of chiefly poly vinyl carbonate (PVC) or of silicone. PVC masks are cheaper and they are rigid.

Silicone masks are flexible and so they fit better on the face. But they are also more expensive. Masks may also be single or double windowed. Single-windowed masks offer more visibility, but are more prone to leakage, while double-windowed masks keep the water, are more comfortable, and also more expensive.Masks, which have a double-edged skirt, are preferred, as they fit more closely to the face and help in keeping the water out.

The skirt is the part of the mask, which is in contact with the face. More expensive varieties of masks are also fitted with optical lenses and corrective equipment, which provide better vision by countering the effects of refraction under water.A common problem, besides filling with water, is fogging, which reduces visibility. To prevent this, a defogging solution, available at dive shops, is smeared on the inside surface of the glass before diving. However, many experienced snorkelers know that spitting on the inner surface of the mask and then smearing it works just well.

A proper fit is very important when adjusting the mask, the strap and when attaching the snorkel, or breathing, tube for a safe, enjoyable dive.

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By: Max Bellamy

Sports News

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