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Steal the Show with a Sam Bat

Sam Bat by Sam Holman is hitting them out of the park in the big leagues, both literally and figuratively. The bat is currently being used by the likes of Barry Bonds and more than 100 other superstar professional baseball players.The love the bat because they know they can count on Sam Holman to deliver consistent quality, bat after bat.

Though the bats are now made by Wilson Sports, Sam still selects the wood for the bat by hand. He chooses only 5 percent of the top prime hard maple for every one.Don't let people mislead you. Not all wood is made the same. There's plain old wood, and then there's prime hard maple. Not all brands invest in their wood supply as Sam Holman does.

Even the biggest bat makers in the land don't put out a similar class of wood product. You would think they would, considering their access to raw materials.Perhaps, but it is what happens to a Sam Bat during the manufacturing process that also makes that 5 percent of hard prime grade maple special. Your typical bat maker uses standard lathes, which put too much pressure and stress on the timber when the timber is turned.

Believe it or not, this pressure adds fatigue to the bat, weakening it before it even leaves the factory. Some experts estimate that your typical bat loses four to five long shots because of this weakening.Sam uses a proprietary lathe, custom designed and built for his purposes. These high-tech lathes put entirely no pressure or stress on the wood during the entire manufacturing process.

technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process. That means a Sam Bat will still have those four to five long balls saves in it when you first step up to the plate with it.

.Mike Long is the successful web publisher of Baseball-SuperGuide.com providing valuable tips, advice, and info about a multitude of relevant topics including baseball bats.

By: Mike Long

Sports News

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