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The Dish Surprise Surprise

Roger Clemens is coming back to the Astros.Man am I surprised.Just about as surprised as I was when Barry Bonds turned soft-and-cuddly during his ESPN interview with Jim Grey.

And as surprised as I was when people sent more cards and letters to Barbaro than they'd ever consider sending to troops in Iraq.And as surprised as I was when the Portland Trail Blazers couldn't win with their latest collection of hoodlums.Or as surprised as I was when Reggie Bush decided maybe he wasn't going to give that much of his jersey money to Katrina victims.

And as surprised as I was when the Knicks waited exactly one season to decide they're pretty close to giving Larry Brown nine kajillion dollars not to coach, while somehow Isiah Thomas continues to skate.Or as surprised as I was when Terrell Owens forced his way out of Philly and got a new contract somewhere else.Or as surprised as I was when I heard Brett Ratner screwed up with X-Men franchise.And just about as surprised as I was when Angelina Jolie chose Brad Pitt over me.The Miami Heat have really taken the playoffs by storm. If/when they make it past the Pistons, do you make them a prohibitive favorite against anyone who comes out of the West?.

Jeff Dye, BoDog.com: Wow, they sure have. Not only have they made short work of their other playoff foes this spring, but they're putting the boot to Detroit. With Shaq, D-Wade and a host of other superstars on this team, Miami could easily be the favorite against either team from the West, especially if that series goes to six or seven and Miami can wrap theirs up in five.

However, if Dallas can keep the momentum that they earned in Game 3 against the Suns and finish that series up early, we'll have a heck of a battle on our hands.Do you hope Albert Pujols tops the single-season home run record?.JD, BoDog.com: Because I don't know Albert Pujols personally, this is a tough question to answer, but it sure is nice to hear a home run hitting story in the media that doesn't surround Barry Bonds and steroids. Pujols seems to be one of the hardest-working guys in baseball and seems to be on track to be one of the best ever hitters in this game.

It's turning into kind of an interesting time for men's tennis, with Rafael Nadal rising up to challenge Roger Federer. Do the books like Nadal in the French Open?.JD, BoDog.com: Nadal definitely opened up as the favorite for the French Open. Neither player really "cruised" through their first-round match this week, but chances are these two will meet in the final. It will be interesting to see if Federer can finally use the fact that he has to be the underdog in this rivalry, losing five of six in his career against Nadal, to motivate himself to win his first French Open.

With Barbaro's untimely exit, is there much action on the Belmont? Who do the books like? See anyone else interesting our readers might consider?.JD, BoDog.com: Right now we aren't seeing the same kind of action on Belmont as we did for the Derby or Preakness, but it is still early. It is slowly starting to focus more on the upcoming race as the competition is heats up. Bluegrass Cat who finished second in the Derby, and Steppenwolfer who finished third, both will run after five weeks off.

Sweetnorthernsaint, second-place finisher in Preakness, is probable to run, and always a horse to watch out for. There may not be a chance at a Triple Crown winner, but the final leg may be the closest finish we have seen this season, as the field is full of talent and no clear favorite has come forward just yet.

.Christopher Harris is a featured writer for the Professional Handicappers League.

Read all of his articles at http://www.procappers.com.

By: Christopher Harris

Sports News

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