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What is the Daytona

I've never been a big race fan. What's the big deal about watching 40 cars speed around in a circle when it's pretty obvious they can't get around each other at those speeds. The thing about NASCAR on the t.v. is that you can click past the channel all day long and NEVER miss a thing. Or do you? My friend invited me over for a Daytona 500 party today.

I went because she is my friend, but the idea of having a party where everyone's attention is glued to the television is not really my idea of a party. But I went, and the atmosphere was actually pretty cool. She had a television on in each room, her friends and family were spread around the house eating snacks and actually watching the race. I sat and watched for a few, but as I looked around her house and saw all the Earnhardt, and Jeff Gordon items it was clear to me that the "race" is more than a race. NASCAR fans get to know their drivers. It's a lot more exciting to watch a race where someone you hate might cause a caution, or someone you love sneaks past the fastest car making it look easy.

So, at 32, I finally get the excitement about this big race day. It kind of works backwards considering most other sports have their big game last, and not first. But I suppose that's just a Southern thing. In the south you start out with a bang, and it kind of sets the moods, the tensions, and the excitement for the rest of the race season. Thanks Karen! Thanks for inviting me to your party, and thanks for introducing me to the true side of racing.

Mickey www.frankandmickey.com .

By: Mickey Wyatt

Sports News

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